Friday, July 20, 2007

Keeshonds: How The Foxfair Dogs Are Spending Their Summer


Some Keeshonds really know how to live it up in the summer, and keep cool at the same time. Here Foxfair Maggie Mae, who is owned and loved by Valerie in Wisconsin, takes a dip in her private pool. Looking on is her friend Buddy, the West Highland White Terrier. Buddy's and his parents look after Maggs when Val is working. Val says Maggie has completed her puppy class, and is now working in obedience. She also has mastered the tricks of give paw, chase squirells, and chase bugs! Yikes, bugs! Maggies is from our spring litter and her brother and sister, Darby and Ashling are here, now known as the Evil Twins!


Next is Odin, who is owned and loved by Greg and Pat Wade, also of Wisconsin. They also have a Norwegian Forest Cat and I hear they get along splendidly. Odin is also an Andy son and has learned at lot at his training classes. He particularly enjoys showing off his boat and getting wet - just like the Keeshond barge dogs in Holland. And, of course directing Greg and Pat on how to steer the boat! Greg and Pat appreciate his coat which is, of course, drip dry!

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