Saturday, August 18, 2007

Busy Saturday

Spadafora Family
and Puppy Girl

Sergio Gets A Puppy Kiss

One of the great pleasures of breeding dogs is putting puppies into the arms of people who will love them. So this happend twice on Saturday. First when Cecily Jarvis and her husband came to get their puppy dog. We were so chatty that I didn't get a picture of them with their puppy boy. They drove all the way from Fort Pierce, Florida to pick up their new baby. He was not impressed since he was still smarting over his morning bath and quite irritated with his sisters who were totally reved up and just plain annoying! He seemed very thrilled to get in the car with Cecily and her husband. They placed him in a nice large crate fitted out with pad, water, toy, food and rawhide. He looked around, pronounced it very satisfactory and quietly laid down. Off they went back to Florida.

Next came the Spadafora family with their two wonderful children. Very used to cats they were also great with the puppies. Sergio took off with sister and they ran all the puppies, Pi and Nova around the meadow, SEVERAL TIMES. I commented to Dr. Spadafora that this was going to make for a very quiet ride home to Pennsylvania. Their new puppy, christened, LUNA, snuggled in Sergios arms and I took a picture. After they left I went in the house uploaded the pictures. I loved the first one. The expression on Sergios face was just pure joy. I didn't think the next one could be any better, but decided to take a look anyway. And, there it was, Luna, giving him a BIG KISS. I need to mention their daughter also, because she was so kind with puppies, and Nova, who normally does not buddy up to children just sat in her lap and gave a big sigh. Here was someone who would pet her sweetly - HEAVEN.


So we will look forward to hearing how the puppies do in their new homes and seeing pictures of them as they grow up. We will share these with you our faithful readers. In the meantime, silver girls is left by herself. She would not be here but the family from Virginia that called cancelled and in the meantime we had turned people away because we thought she was promised. She will be ideal as a companion or for someone looking for a super agility prospect. She is small, energetic and VERY SMART.

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