Sunday, August 05, 2007

Keeshond Puppies - Andy x Meisje's Canadian Girls

Kikjer - Andy x Mesije
At Four Months

Maggie - Andy x Meisje
Age 4 months

Maggie Learning to Bait

These are two of the girl puppies from the litter that Jennifer Bates bred this year via frozen semen. I thought you would enjoy seeing them - they are sooo pretty. The first one is the girl kept by Jennifer, her name is Kikjer - pronounced - Ky-ker. She is coming along very nicely and will be one of those lovely femine girls.

The next one is Maggie and you can see by her picture how compact and gorgeous she is. Very pretty profile and coat and also a nice expression. She is owned by Glady Gates daughter, and we understand that Glady may be showing her!

I think that both of these girls should do very well in the ring and will make their parents very proud of them. This pedigree is a combination of Foxfair and Seawind background, both of which go back to some Rhinevale breeding - a very beautiful combination that Jennifer and Glady created. Congratulations to everyone.

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