Friday, September 21, 2007

Teething and Other Joys of Puppyhood


Life is good in Florida, where you have your pick two nice people to pay attention to you!
Ruffy is from our last litter of Windy x Andy. His family drove from Florida to pick him up and had a nice trip home. Now these puppies are teething and leading everyone on a merry chase as they try to subsititute chew toys and bones, for shoes, furniture and drywall.

Teething puppies have swollen gums that hurt like mad and they will put literally ANYTHING,
in their mouth. They have an urge to chew to get the baby teeth out!! This means that everything is fair game, fingers, pants legs, toes, chair legs, rugs, whatever comes to mind or is nearby. One thing that is very helpful is to put marrow bones that you get from the butcher in the freezer, or any chew toy in the freezer. You can place these items in a large plastic bag in the freezer. Keeping several kinds of chew toys on hand will protect you and your posessesions from being objects of their attention.

Knucle bones are especially good for working out baby teeth. It is good to check their mouth every few days to make sure all teeth are coming out. If you see two teeth overlapping give the puppy a knuckle bone and check again the next day to make sure the baby teeth have come out.
Overlapping teeth in puppies just like in humans will cause a crooked bite. Ocassionaly a puppy will have to have the retained tooth removed by the veterinarian. This is a last resort after giving all manner of knuckle bones to get the stubborn teeth out!

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