Friday, October 31, 2008

April and the "Really Weird, PuppyBassinet"

Serves Me Right For Catalog Shopping!

A few weeks before we are expecting a litter I usually do a little shopping in the Pet Edge catalog, or some other pet supply catalog.
They are very efficient and send the supplies right away.

They have advertised specials, and this time one of the specials was a, "puppy bassinet", blue and/or pink, 22" long. Sounded good.
I usually use a basket or box to put the puppies in when I am changing the bedding and this was on sale for the very
modest price of $5.99. Imagine my surprise when this came out of the box!

Ryan asked me "What in the world is that?" I explained, and he wanted to know what I was going to do with it after the puppies got to be two weeks old, as of course, by this time they would be climbing out it, if not sooner.
I suggested that Tigger, his cat could use it for a bed. "Not my cat, do you want to make him into a weirdo?"
Not really. Well, I think if I take off the curtains and lace, then Tigger might think it is okay.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Litter - April and the Bonus Puppy


So, some of you may know that one of the things breeders do to assure a safe whelping is to take a pre-whelping x-ray. This is taken 3 to 5 days before the first possible whelping date to count the number of puppies expected. This way breeders can be prepared and know if after 2.5 hours between puppies they need to seek help. You are also alerted to an abnormally small or large litter which can pose their own special problems.

I took April in for her x-ray and at first Dr. Borger thought there might be 5 puppies, but when only the shadow of a skull could be seen and no other vertebrae he decided there were four. Mind you reading these things is no easy task, to the untrained eye it looks like smoke and indigestion. These pre-whelping x-rays are nothing like hips and patellas which are very clear and easy to see.

On Sunday night April was very restless, she kept me up most of night just circling and digging around in the whelping box. Then around breakfast time my sister, Donna, came over and said she would like some oatmeal, I made some instant oatmeal in the microwave, then rushed back from the kitchen to see how April was doing. She was doing just fine, she had one puppy, a boy! Five minutes later there was another one, this time a girl. My sister came back and helped me with tying off a few cords, not something she was planning on for the day!

Donna wanted to see the next puppy, and waited about and hour and half, right after she left, April produced another boy and girl in quick succession. Since there were two puppies in each horn of the uterus, this made sense. I thought she was through and after weighing the puppies and rearranging the bedding, I went off to make her some chicken noodle soup. This is a dish that most new mothers really enjoy.

April had a little soup, seemed very content and settled in to take care of the babies. I was reading in the adjoining room. Now mind you neither she or the puppies made ANY NOISE at all in the next hour. I went in to check them again and noticed the blanket was a little damp, so as I was putting down clean towels, I noticed the group of puppies seemed different than before. Hmm. What was it?

I counted them, 1-2-3-4 -- 5, what! 1-2-3-4---5! Yikes! Not believing what I was seeing, I decided to sex them, two girls, check, three boys, check, check, check. Thats right the "shadow" turned out to be a very healthy boy puppy. April was totally non-plussed by my antics, she calmly regarded me with her ears up, not anxious at all - very in control. She is just about the most confident and competent first time mother I have ever seen.

She comes by this naturally as her mother, Nightwind's Sillium, is a well known dam of many champions, who produced 8 puppies in each litter and easily whelped and raised them all.

Obviously, April takes after her mom.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Am. Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Imp.


Hardy was imported by us from England when he was 12 weeks old. He was in the last litter for the famous Vandaban Kennels of Diane and Ashley Banfield whelped before their retirement. He was picked for us from the litter by our friend Gina Marsh of Devon, England who made many trips to view the puppies. It turns out that the litter was very impressive with littermates finishing their Championships on three different continents all before the age of two. Hardy in the USA, as Ch. Vandaban Wessex, and his sisters finishing their Championships in Australia and Sweden.

Hardy has sired two previous litters and when they were shown at the Keeshond Club of America Specialty they earned their sire a first place in the Stud Dog Class. The dam of these litters were Keeshee Nightwind Silium, who is also the dam of April - Hardy's current intended, and Ch. Foxfair Impetuous RN. We are hoping for the same high quality puppies from this litter also, as April herself has an outstanding temperament, conformation and movement. April is also a daughter of Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS, currently the sire of nine champions.

Hardy has been shown only on a limited basis in the United States, he finished his championship easily, but he is after all an English dog and is a little different than the typical Keeshond in the US. He is a bit larger, measuring officially at 19" this is within the standard, however, many of the dogs competing today are closer to 17". He is a very handsome dog, and breathtaking to look at - we are very happy and proud to share him with you.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Hardy and April - Halloween Babies

New Champion Nightwind Foxfair Trillium
"April", and Jeanne - Looking Very Good!

I just looked at the date of my last post and it has been a year!! Goodness where does the time go.
We have been very busy this year working on the house putting in hardwood floors, redoing the kitchen and the driveway, and landscaping the yard. Also, I am volunteering for the election and that takes some time as well.

Now on to doggy doings. We are expecting a litter on or around October 31st, which makes them Halloween babies. But since I love Halloween but don't like scary names, they will probably be some other theme, ideas are welcome. The parents are our English import and American Champion Vandaban Wessex, "Hardy" and our new Champion Nightwind Foxfair Trillium, known as "April". I will post Hardy's new picture in my next blog.

April just finished her championship this summer. She went out of coat and we held her back until she was in full coat so we could show her. She is a very sweet dog and follows us all over the place. I think she will make a great mom.

Staying with us this weekend are Jou Jou Smith, Windy's full sister, while her mom is on a walking tour of France with her daughter, and our very own Zarya. Zarya is the mom and grandmom of Windy, Jou Jou, and Valentina and Emma, Darby and Ashling, to name a few.
Interestingly I kept her in the house the first few days thinking that at her age she really didn't want to put up with the girls running outside all over the place. Then she was out there and they ran out and she wouldn't come in. She loves being with them, and is, of course, ruling the roost just like old times. Some things never change.

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