Friday, October 31, 2008

April and the "Really Weird, PuppyBassinet"

Serves Me Right For Catalog Shopping!

A few weeks before we are expecting a litter I usually do a little shopping in the Pet Edge catalog, or some other pet supply catalog.
They are very efficient and send the supplies right away.

They have advertised specials, and this time one of the specials was a, "puppy bassinet", blue and/or pink, 22" long. Sounded good.
I usually use a basket or box to put the puppies in when I am changing the bedding and this was on sale for the very
modest price of $5.99. Imagine my surprise when this came out of the box!

Ryan asked me "What in the world is that?" I explained, and he wanted to know what I was going to do with it after the puppies got to be two weeks old, as of course, by this time they would be climbing out it, if not sooner.
I suggested that Tigger, his cat could use it for a bed. "Not my cat, do you want to make him into a weirdo?"
Not really. Well, I think if I take off the curtains and lace, then Tigger might think it is okay.

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