Monday, October 06, 2008

Hardy and April - Halloween Babies

New Champion Nightwind Foxfair Trillium
"April", and Jeanne - Looking Very Good!

I just looked at the date of my last post and it has been a year!! Goodness where does the time go.
We have been very busy this year working on the house putting in hardwood floors, redoing the kitchen and the driveway, and landscaping the yard. Also, I am volunteering for the election and that takes some time as well.

Now on to doggy doings. We are expecting a litter on or around October 31st, which makes them Halloween babies. But since I love Halloween but don't like scary names, they will probably be some other theme, ideas are welcome. The parents are our English import and American Champion Vandaban Wessex, "Hardy" and our new Champion Nightwind Foxfair Trillium, known as "April". I will post Hardy's new picture in my next blog.

April just finished her championship this summer. She went out of coat and we held her back until she was in full coat so we could show her. She is a very sweet dog and follows us all over the place. I think she will make a great mom.

Staying with us this weekend are Jou Jou Smith, Windy's full sister, while her mom is on a walking tour of France with her daughter, and our very own Zarya. Zarya is the mom and grandmom of Windy, Jou Jou, and Valentina and Emma, Darby and Ashling, to name a few.
Interestingly I kept her in the house the first few days thinking that at her age she really didn't want to put up with the girls running outside all over the place. Then she was out there and they ran out and she wouldn't come in. She loves being with them, and is, of course, ruling the roost just like old times. Some things never change.

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