Saturday, November 01, 2008

Darby, Ward and Gunner


Darby is the son of Ch. Foxfair Excalibur and Ch. Foxfair Valentina, a beautiful dog with outstanding head type, outline and markings, he didn't quite make the size we were hoping for to compete as a special. With his exceptional personality and drive he will make a wonderful performance dog for Ward Griffiths. Ward is an obedience trainer, and she specifically wanted a young dog and not a puppy. Darby seemed to fit the bill

They are pictured here at training class, she will have somewhat of a challenge as Darby is exceptionally food motivated! Well, he is a Keeshond after all. Even before he left the house Ward was giving him hand signals and little treats. He does have to share Ward with her Labrador, Gunner, who may still be thinking that Darby is only there on vacation and may leave soon. However, Ward reports that she and Darby have bonded and he will be staying in Connecticut. He has made freinds with the other dogs belonging to Ward's trainer friends at the training center. Like his grandmother, Foxfair Zarya, he has a very bubbly personality.
I hope in the future that we get to see them compete.

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