Friday, November 07, 2008


So, for puppies whose eyes are still shut, they have an excellent sense of location. Meaning they can find mom and dinner with no problem at all. One of my friends called the other day to ask how the puppies were doing and I said, "Oh, you mean the five the little pigs!" Honestly, you almost never see them when they are not nursing! Although they do get in a fair amount of sleep as well.

Above you will notice they are organized into groups of two and three. This happens frequently.
Interestingly, enough it is the two girls and three boys that seem to get together. How do they know? It is a mystery, actually. Keeshond puppies gain about a pound a week. By eight weeks they weigh approximately 8lbs, some a little more and some a little less. In this litter they are all about the same size. Except - well in some litters you have a "runt", or the smallest puppy. In this litter we have the opposite - the biggest puppy! He weighs a pound and a half. Someone remarked on how content he was. I think that is because he is full.

They are doing very well, and as you can see their markings are beginning to develop quite nicely.

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