Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jeanne Comes To See The Puppies

The two girls are pictured together and the three boys are pictured together.

The puppies had a big day today. First they moved to their new quarters, meaning out of my bedroom and into the puppy room, which is adjacent to the laundry room. Very convenient for washing puppy blankets, beds and toys. Ryan set up their pen with two rooms, one for playing and eating, and one for "personal hygiene" aka the " potty".

Then Jeanne came this afternoon. April was, of course, very happy to see her and ended up sitting in her lap. She misses Jeanne, but was happy to share the puppies with her. So, Jeanne and I admired the puppies for a while, and cleaned up. Then we went to the Vancura Art Gallery. Came back had dinner and played with the puppies, took pictures, or tried to take pictures. They were a little thrown by the hardwood floors at first, but soon acclimated and started playing around. So, all in all a very nice day, new digs, visitors, and fun - but very tiring, as you can see!

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