Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well they are now six weeks old and there is a big difference between five weeks and six weeks, as in YIKES! Before they would play quietly around me with their toys. Ryan asked, "Don't you need a gate to keep them in these three rooms?" So, I told him not to worry they wouldn't go anywhere. That was true until the day they turned six weeks, then that afternoon they grabbed their toys and ran for it all the way down the hall to the bedrooms. The next morning they didn't even wait for their breakfast but dived into dry dog food scattering it all over their pen. So they are growing up and wanting to explore the world.

They get brushed every day, but this week they will begin to get brushed on the table. Play time will include walking along with me - hilarious to watch. You need to learn to do the "puppy shuffle" which means walking with out picking up your feet so you don't step on anyone. This is much easier with hardwood floors!

Thier routine is still the same, I get up (they wake me up) at 7:00 or 6:40, April goes out side, I make the puppies breakfast, rice baby cereal, milk, canned puppy food, and dry puppy food. Pick up puppy papers and mop pen while they are eating. Take all soft toys and bedding out of puppy pen and put in laundry. Put in new papers, toys and bedding from dryer. Give April her breakfast. Put laundry in dryer. Let April out again. Let April back in. Play with puppies.
Repeat at Noon. etc, etc.

Their personalities are beginning to emerge and they a real joy!

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