Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Darby Earns Two New Titles!


It seems that Darby is going to celebrate St. Patricks Day by adding some new titles to his name. CGC is a basic title that says this dog is a Canine Good Citizen. The dog has to pass a number of tests including sitting and behaving while strange dogs are around, not getting upset when an umbrella opens suddenly, heeling on leash, sitting, staying and coming when called. Ward says that Darby passed with flying colors.

The next title is TDI, Therapy Dogs International. For this test the dog has to show that he/she is obedient in a number of situations and would be suitable to go into a school or hospital or other therapy setting. The dog cannot jump up on people and must be quiet when approached by strangers. So, I will let Ward do the talking for the rest of this blog.

"Since Saturday was Darby's 2nd birthday, and today is St. Patrick's Day, thought it a good time just to let you know that your Irish boy is thriving! Passed his CGC/Therapy Dog International tests with flying colors and I am including a picture that I recently had to take and send off for his therapy badge! He attended his very first obedience match last weekend and did beautifully for his first time out of our school environment. He simply loves every new experience that comes his way - don't think he could possibly ever have a "down" day! Of course with a match, food is allowed in the ring so he was in heaven."

"I have adored every dog I ever owned, but (out of earshot for Gunner!),I must admit that Darby is really extra special. His personality is so exceptional and every moment with him is fun. Perhaps the fact that he does not ever want to leave my side, is part of my great attachment for him!"

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Christi said...

Cute picture. Looks lots like his litter mate Connor. (Foxfair Kiefer O'Erin)