Monday, June 01, 2009

Two Weeks Old and We Can See Some Of the World!


The puppies are now two weeks old. They are lighter colored than when they were born, have more coat, weigh almost two pounds and most amazing of all can see a little. We can divide puppies at this age into "eyes shut", "pirates" (one eye open) and "Look out world here I come!".

Valentina is great about visitors. She has lots of energy, amazing for taking care of seven puppies. She now wants to play when she takes a break then rushes back in to take care of the babies. It is almost like she has a watch. Her longest break is in the morning when she goes out with Andy and Essex. She runs around with them for about 40 minutes and then wants to come back in NOW!

The puppies are very content. At this age they sleep most of the time. When they are not sleeping they are eating. This is very serious business. They don't make much noise as they are too busy getting a place at the table.

They are starting to get up on their legs. Today someone did not like what they saw and let out a little growl. I think that was when they saw a giant sitting in their whelping box!

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

What darling babies, I can almost smell the puppy breath.Shirley Uphouse