Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ch. Foxfair Valentina


We thought we should show a picture of Valentina without her seven puppies or even one puppy, chewing on her leg or pulling her tail. This, in fact, is a picture of her finishing her Championship before she was ever bred. Yes, those were the days, when all she had to do was smile for the judge and the camera and eat liver treats.

Now, she is out of coat, just when people picking up their puppies want to see her, which inevitably happens with every bitch. I remember when I had Ryan in the hospital and the pediatrician, who had only seen me pretty haggard after having him, stopped by my room after I had a chance to have a shower, do my hair, put on make up and had no tubes running in every direction. He just stopped and stared and said quizzically, "Mrs. Lynch?". Yes, indeed we can clean up pretty good after one these ordeals!

Valentina, now that the little devils are weaned and there are only two left, can relax and play with them. She cleverly lays on her stomach so that they can't try to sneak in a snack. One cute story about her. She REALLY liked to show, when Jeanne would go in the ring with our special and she was sitting with me outside the ring, she would stand up and show. She was hoping that someone would notice and say, "Hey what about that dog outside the ring, lets get her in here!".

All kidding aside, she was an elegant and beautiful show girl, but she gave up her career to raise her family. How many times have we heard that story!

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