Friday, July 03, 2009

Five Weeks Old and We Love to Play

Ch. Keeshee's Lock Stock N'Barrel, ROM, Puppies Dad

Here is a picture of the puppies sire whose call name is "Keillor" a very nice dog, who has sired some excellent dogs with wonderful temperaments.

It has been raining th
is week but we have been able to get the puppies out between the raindrops. Since the ground is well drained and they are under a good sized maple tree that sits up high their area does not get too wet.

They also like the freedom of running around the yard and down the meadow but you have to be ready to go in seven directions at the same time, not easy to do - although they don't seem to have a problem with it!
This picture of the boys is the last time Ryan was able to hold all them in his arms at the same time. They are too heavy to do that now.

Today was the first time we tried to get them to come back in the house on their own. Some went and played in the flower beds instead of coming up the steps.
All that is except little Jimmy Cagney (thats who he reminds me of). He raced up the steps just because it was a challenge and he is so coordinated he could be in the olympics.

He is the smallest male but his favorite thing to do is jump on his bigger brothers and knock them over.

While the boys are busy roughhousing the girls only join in some times, other times they look at them as if to say,
"Aren't they disgusting! - the way they carry on!"

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Maria Forman (Debert NS) said...

I love Kiellor's legs & feet...gorgeous!!!
It has been raining in Nova Scotia for about 2 weeks now, and they're predicting another week of it! Your puppies are beautiful, and I especially like your comments on Jimmy Cagney...he sounds like an outgoing, confident little boy!