Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keillor x Valentina Puppies Ready, Set, Go!

Puppies Are Ready For Their New Homes!

Here are a few pictures of the puppies at 7 weeks, they usually leave for their new homes between 7 and 9 weeks of age.

The first puppy we call Fuzzy, just because he has such abundance of coat. Very cute personality and lots of fun to play with.

The second puppy is Calgary, he headed to his new home on Tuesday with Tonya Schmolke and her two girls, Natlya and Micheala, don't think I spelled that right. Ryan and I really enjoyed visiting with them. The girls and Ryan had a movie night while Tonya and I talked dogs!

The third puppy with the green collar on the table is Jimmy Cagney. Still looking for a companion or show home for him. He would be a wonderful puppy for agility, he is fearless and could also finish his championship. But he might also be happy to just be someone's hiking buddy.

The last puppy is Miss Red, she will be staying here and keeping the big dogs in line!
We have two more puppies to picture and will post them tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! We made it to Niagara and he was a trooper! Not a single peep. He was quiet the whole time, slept part of the way and no accidents :o) He has seen the falls, some foxes by the falls, and was even interested in chasing a seagull. We are headed home today to meet "Dad". Will touch base when we get there. Thanks so much for your hospitality and advice. The girls will remember their trip forever. Cheers! Tonya, Natalya, and Mikayla