Monday, July 20, 2009

We Take Off for Parma, Ohio, and Nova Soctia, Canada!

George and Wendy Welcome Razz

George and Wendy Beatty are from Nova Scotia, Canada and they lost their wonderful 15 year old Keeshond that they shared many good times with. George flew in to Cleveland and drove out to our place to pick up his puppy. His AKC registered name will be Foxfair Christopher Lee, after the actor one of whose most famous roles was that of Rasputin, thus Razz.

It seems that Razz demonstrated a heretofore unknown talent on his way home, escape artist. Razz has talent for opening the zippers on a sherpa bag! Once in the car while George was trying to find the car rental return and found a puppy on his lap, and once in the airport terminal. George was unaware he had opened the bag until a nice lady said, "Is that a Keeshond puppy?" It seems she too had recently lost her beloved Keeshond. Adorable also seems to be Razz talent. On the plane ride to Canada he also poked his head out of the bag and the stewardess told George he should just put him on the empty seat next to him. So Razz rode home in comfort snoozing all the way on his private seat. Once home Razz then removed the front of his crate. I don't know what kind of crate this is, so either it is easy to dissasemble or Razz is just exceptionally gifted.

The Smith Family With Their New Puppy

Jeff and Lisa Smith brought home a surprise for their two year old Keeshond boy! A new puppy to play with. We think Jimmy will fit the bill as he loves playing with his littermates. Their current dog only drinks filtered water and we are wondering if he will teach the new puppy, who we called Jimmy to do the same thing! I called him Jimmy Cagney after the actor because he is so athletic and agile. The first time I called the puppies up the steps from yard, they just looked at me as if to say, "Seriously?", but Jimmy looked at this as a great adventure and flew up the steps and then ran into the house! But, also like Jimmy Cagney he liked to play the tough guy with his littermates tackling even the two boys bigger than him.

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