Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jennifer and Meisje with Their Family


When we got this picture from Jennifer it was titled, "And Baby Makes Three." Some people are just plain brave and pioneers. So, that is how we think of Jennifer. Frozen breeding's have been done for a while but many are still afraid to do them. Jennifer managed to accomplish two of them in succession.

The first breeding produced six puppies, the average for a Keeshond natural breeding. In her second of two breedings to Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur she had two males.
Well, they say its quality that counts and both male puppies look very nice. The little boy in the picture looks like he is trying to make a get-a-way, but we hear his temperament is very nice too. So at the age of ten without any effort at all from his highness, Andy has two boys in Canada thanks to modern technology!

For Meisje's part she did have the harder end of the deal, but looks very good for just finishing up her motherhood chores. This picture was taken in Jennifer's backyard which looks a lot better than most that have dogs, by her friend Marten Douma, who is Dutch and also helps Jennifer with Dutch names for her dogs. We are looking forward to seeing this puppy at Canadian shows in the near future!

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Steve said...

Love the picture of the family and I have one of Meisje puppies from her first litter. It is K's sister Liberty Belle alias Rootmotor who moved from Philly to the middle of PA in a log home. The temperment of Root is absolutely wonderful and the intelligence is uncanny. Her only fault is that she loves to kess and as Steve say, "licker extraordinaire!" Her brother, Greenkees Renown alias Hakbar, loves his sister and she does keep him on the go. A special thank you to Andy and Meisje for producing this wonderful Kees plus Jennifer for letting us bring her home.
Steve and Pat Yagecic