Friday, August 14, 2009

The New Keeshond Barge Dog


We have a new recommendation for Keeshonden that are missing their barges of the old days. Grab your family and go for a canoe ride!

That is what the Schmolke family does when they are not hiking on the weekends, and of course they always take their Keeshond with them. Lucky Chinook!

Of course not being experienced in canoeing Chinook decided that the water looked fine and plunked himself in to go for a swim! He didn't go far and was immediately scooped out of the water. One thing has changed though, just in case of a mishap he now wears a life jacket just like the rest of the crew! We do know now though that he not only floats - he can swim!

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1 comment:

Ron said...

That is one wet pupper. I'm sure Chinook enjoyed his swim however.

Good picture. Thanks for sharing.