Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skipper's Show Adventures


Mary and Allan MacVicar of Halifax, Canada are the proud owners of Skipper MacVicar, otherwise known as Foxfair Berkshire Wessex. He is a litter brother to Foxfair Essex, and a full brother of our litter whelped this week.

Currently he is only one point short of finishing his Candadian championship. Very similar to our area the shows pretty much end at this time of year. Mary and Skipper went to a new format of dog show not CKC, but judged by international judges. They enjoyed this show very much and Skipper was privleged to receive Excellent ratings on his score sheets.

He and Mary and Allan send their regards to Essex and their new brothers and sisters! We wanted to share this head study of him with you because we think it is really beautiful.

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