Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Champion - Ch. Foxfair Essex


Essex finished at the Columbus, Ohio shows with his fourth major at 13 months of age! Where did the time go?

It seems like just yesterday I was taking him to class and he was playing with his toys. (Very disturbing to the obedience dogs - but a good working distraction for them!)

When Jeanne and I took him to the Canadian Nationals this summer he won Best Puppy at their Puppy Match and also won the Canadian Puppy Sweepstakes. Just before that we showed him at the Grand River/Ashtabula weekend and he covered himself with glory by winning WD,BOW, and BOB over specials from the puppy class at 8 months old.

His sire is our Am. Can. Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Imp. (Hardy), and his dam is Ch. Nightwind Foxfair Trilium, (April). The 3 week old puppies that we have right now are his full siblings.

Of all the impressive things he has done so far, the one that stands out to me is how he showed on Sunday at Grand River in the Non Sporting Group. It had decided to pour down rain and in spite of the rain blowing right into his face - he stood there and showed for Jeanne like a trooper with his ears up the whole time, not at all like the 8 months old puppy that he was then.

While he reminds us of both his dad and his mom in many ways, in his showmanship he is much like his grandfather, Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur. The other dog that he reminds us of is Ch. Foxfair Eveready, Evan. He is a direct descendant of our foundation bitch Ch. Vaakers Mary Poppins, the dam of Ch. Foxfair Persuasive Friend and Ch. Foxfair Special Sparkle. Sparky in turn is the sire of the Ch. Foxfair Eveready, Evan, who is the sire of Ch. Foxfair Geronimo Energizer, the sire of Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, sire of Ch. Nightwind Foxfair Trilium, the dam of Ch. Foxfair Essex. Whew! All that to say that Essex is the result of 6 generations of Foxfair breeding - and we think it shows!

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Anonymous said...

I love your Dog Blog.
Your Kees are so beautiful! We adopted a Kees a year and a half ago, I had no idea what a Keeshond was until the vet told us (the peole who found her shaved her coat!!!) Anyhow we are crazy about her and I love finding out more about the breed! We are even considering a new kees puppy.
Again, thanks for sharing your pics and stories.
Valerie from Alberta, Canada

Maria Forman said...

I absolutely LOVE Essex! And I must say, reading the lines behind him I remember a lot of those dog names...especially "Friendly"...I have always been taken with the Foxfair line! I had the pleasure of visiting with Skipper MacVicar this weekend, and what a sweetheart he is...I love his temperament...he even had another male Kees growl @ him, face to face...and he didn't respond! I also had the pleasure of watching Jennifer and her new boy...he is stunning!
Maria Forman