Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentina and Keillor Puppies are 8 Months


The good thing is that the puppies are enjoying the snow in Canada and Ohio. The bad thing is that we have been snowed in at times, and this is not the time of year for dog shows in this climate. But, spring in coming and Rudy and Lillian who are at home are getting ready for their first puppy match. Whether I am ready is another matter.

These are the puppies from Ch. Keeshees Lock Stock N' Barrel, ROM and Ch. Foxfair Valentina. We are very pleased with them and will be posting more pictures and video of them soon.

Chinook's official name is Foxfair Hufflepuff, shades of Harry Potter! He is owned by the Schmolke family in Calgary, Canada. We hope he makes his debut at a puppy match soon!

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