Wednesday, June 01, 2011

April has Puppies and Now They Have Names

Gina and Joan Sleeping

Joan at 10 days


April is very happy with her new family, two girls and one boy. The story of their birth is interesting. So, Gina Marsh and Joan Miles flew from England into Cleveland Hopkins Airport to visit and go the KCA National specialty. They arrived on May 13, and then we drove to Mason, Ohio and spent the next week at the show. It was fun and exciting but also very tiring, and the drive from Burton to Mason is five hours and some. That does not account for stopping to exercise Rudy and Lillian who went with us (more about that later). Then on Sunday May 22 we drove the five hours back home. My sister Donna and brother in law Jack had a really nice dinner for us at thier house and we then came home. As we are getting ready for bed at 10:00, April who had puppies due on Wednesday said she was going to have them tonight!

Gina just looked at me, knowing it would be a long night and Joan clapped her hands and said "Oh, Goody we are going to have puppies!." I looked at Gina - knowing it would be a long night! At 3:30 we were done and went to bed. Then Gina and Joan had to get up early to get to the airport and the long ride home.My sister again saved the day by driving them knowing I had to stay with the puppies. So, in honor of Gina and Joan who loyally stayed by my side and helped us get the babies into the world their names are Foxfair Virginia Dare, Foxfair Lady Joan and Foxfair William Esq. Hmmm, I wonder where the William came from!

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