Saturday, June 18, 2011

Foxfair Rudy Valentino, Reserve Winners Dog at KCA National Specialty


Rudy is shown here with 2011, KCA Judge, Karen McFarland, Jeanne Buente on the lead, and trophy presenter, KCA Vice President, Heather Myers.
She is not in this picture but Rudy would like to thank his special friend Joan Dean who took him for wonderful long walks all during the KCA specialty week!

Rudy had a fun time at the KCA National Specialty, but then he creates that wherever he is, it is just his personality, which is - let's just say he has a sense of humor.

It started for him at Shells, who is the groomer that prepares him for shows. When I arrived to pick him up he was in his usual spot, laying on the floor, legs stretched out behind him. Shell said, "You are not going to believe what he just did! I replied, Try me!
It seems Rudy was done being groomed and decided he wanted a little company to play with, so he went over to the crates against the wall, and opened the crate doors letting out two very happy Miniature Poodles. According to Shell he then told them to - RUN!

At the shows one of the things we do to get their coats ready is to line brush them. This means you go through the whole coat with a pin brush spraying with a fine mist of water each line of hair every inch or so. Rudy make this process even more entertaining because he likes to drink out of the spray bottle! So when you spray the line he is right there trying to get the whole nozzle right in his mouth.

Grooming is a boring process as far he is concerned and this is just one of his efforts to make it fun and lighten things up. Unlike his sister Lillian he really doesn't take anything very seriously. He is very cooperative in the show ring, he likes the treats and moving is his favorite. Standing still for a long time - not so much - but then you can always show him the water bottle - now that is fun!

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Kathy Stewart said...

Rudy and Lillian are both beautiful. Thanks for posting their pictures for all to see. Their litter brother, Chinook is very similar.

Kathy Stewart - Klompen Keeshonden