Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foxfair Silent Screen Star, RWB, KCA National Specialty


Not to be out done by her brother Lillian also had to win her large open class and then go on to win Reserve Winners Bitch at the KCA National Specialty under the highly respected judge, Pat Hastings, with Jeanne Buente Handling. Lillian has her very own personality, which is quite different from her brothers.

She is opinionated and likes to do things her own way. I taught her to bait as a baby by throwing the bait at her from across the room. She liked this so much that now she feels she will just stack herself up and you can stand - waaay back over there! This makes for a pretty picture in the ring - but don't try and fuss with her coat, etc, No, she looks just fine, thank you, and will stack herself - as you can see in the picture.

Lillian would like to thank her good friend Gina Marsh of Keesland fame, who gave her wonderful long walks all week of the National and loved on her - as Lillian thought was her due! We had a wonderful time with Rudy and Lillian and Gina and Joan. They would like to know when they are coming back!

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