Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puppies Playing Outside

Puppies Playing Outside

April and the puppies by Rudy are now five weeks old and spend a good part of the day outside under large maple tree. April likes being in with them also, but only so long as I am there reading a book or working.

They have toys, water, dry food and three times a day warm baby cereal with milk and a bit of Karo Syrup. Not a bad life. One of their favorite games is running around the tree trunk and playing peek a boo with each other. Another is "Who can annoy Mom the most?" They climb on top of her and play King of the Mountain. Then once in a while one gets very cheeky and jumps up and nips her muzzle. She is oblivious to all of this, but if they get a little too out of hand she will put them in line.

They are getting to really enjoy their toys, as you can see in this picture.
Ryan has been taking them out for runs down the meadow and they can't quite keep up with him. There will come a day just a few weeks away when they will zoom ahead of him!

The weather has been beautiful and perfect for them being outside. We will be having rain a few days of the weekend but we need it for the garden.

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