Thursday, July 14, 2011


Cabot Takes Three Group Placements at St. John's Including a GROUP ONE!

Here is Cabot, Foxfair North Wind, taking his first Group One, along with two other group placings at the Newfoundland Kennel Club show. Although he did not have breed competition he took on other breeds to gain his group placements. Cabot is from the second litter of Ch. Vandaban Wessex (Eng. Imp.), and Ch. Nightwind Foxfair Trillium. He is owned,shown, groomed and trained by AnneMarie MacKenzie and Alan MacKenzie. We think he is very handsome, stacks beautifully and represents his accomplished parents very well!

Skipper Finishes His Canadian Championship

Skipper MacVicar is shown here finishing his Canadian Championship, he is a full brother to Cabot and Am. Ch. Foxfair Essex. In fact he is from the first breeding and is a litter mate to Essex.

Skipper took a break from showing to let his grow back in and then came out with his owner, handler and his personal full time cook and trainer, Mary MacVicar. He is a lovely dog, with beautiful color and bone, that enjoys everything he does with Mary. Much thanks to Glady Gates for helping Mary and Skipper get introduced to the dog show world - in fact she is off camera in this picture holding the lead, while Mary gets Skipper's attention!

We are soooo proud of AnneMarie and Mary - who with no previous showing experience - showed and trained both of their dogs successfully and really enjoyed the experience. Of course it didn't hurt that these guys seem to be show offs!

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