Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Puppies View


For all of the complaining we do about the weather in north east Ohio during the winter - we should also talk about the summers here. In short they are spectacular. Very green, Cleveland was once and sometimes still is called the "forest city". Flying in to Cleveland people often remark about the trees that surround the city like an "emerald necklace."

The skies are clear blue with light clouds. At night the temps fall into the 60's and the in morning the grass is damp and clears up in a few hours.

The puppies, of course, are the beneficiaries of this weather. They go out after the grass is dry and stay out most of the day now that they are older. The view from their spot under the maple tree is of the gardens. The roses in front of the deck, and the herb garden that has a bird bath and day lillies shown in the picture.

I am not sure the Keeshond pupies notice the flowers that much but they do notice the birds and wildlife that they attract. They watch the bird bath and feeders and look up in the tree if they hear something in the leaves.

Their favorite "toy" however is Ryan. When they see him they start to bark because they are hoping, and they are usually right, that he

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