Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rudy Winning at Cleveland in December


Rudy's idea of Christmas this year was to win a major with his co-breeder Jeanne Buente showing him, at our biggest show of the year, the Western Reserve Kennel Club show. He waited until Sunday to do this, as he spent the other day warming up.

As you can see in the picture he also is rolling his coat out. He went home from the show with Heather Myers. Heather is his new owner, with Debbie Lynch, she showed him a few weeks later to finish him. They make a very nice pair in the ring and you will be seeing them soon "Up East".

So, he is now Ch. Foxfair Rudy Valentino, but we don't think it will go to his head. He is the same wonderful Rudy who likes to drink out of the water spray bottle. He does however, have a new skill, Heather taught him to lay on his side to be groomed!

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