Monday, August 20, 2012

Andy's Puppy Days

Puppy Match and WRKC

Andy's first show was a puppy match held in conjunction with the Grand River Kennel Club show in Painesville, Ohio. We also had a BKC match that day. Debbie Loesser had gone to pick up her new puppy bitch with Jeanne Buente and so Jordyn was at the show for Andy to play with. As we held the meeting the two puppies Andy and Jordyn played in the grass. Jordyn decided to dig a hole and when Andy went over to sniff it, she growled at him, ever the gentleman he just curled up under my chair while the meeting went on.

They were about 9 weks old very close in age being only a week or so apart. Little did we know that day that they would grow up to have a litter with 4 Champions, two specialty winners and a dog that would win WD at the National. 

Andy had never been on lead before, but he trucked into the ring with Jeanne and showed like he had been doing it all his life. That was about as much training as he every got. He was just a natural and did not need to go to classes as he seemed to understand the lead right from the beginning.

He wasn't 6 months old until December of that year so the first show he could attend was Western Reserve Kennel Club. This is one of the largest indoor shows in country and we also have the Buckeye Keeshond Club specialty there every year. Typically we do not start puppies at that show for their first experience. There are several reasons for this. First, it is huge with over 2,000 in the building for four days. Second, the specialty keeps everyone busy. Third, it is very noisy, etc. etc. So, Jeanne and I talked about it. 

We decided to enter him because if we didn't he would have to sit out until Spring when our shows started again. We thought if we ever had a puppy that could handle a show like this it would be him. We entered him at the show and he performed very well, again as if he was an old hand. The noisy, other dogs, sounds and sights did not bother him in the least. After his class I took him back to his crate where he had a soft mat, water, chewie and a toy. When I checked on him 20 minutes later he was fast asleep. 

The headline from the weekend, the young prince goes to the dog show and finds it very much to his liking!. 

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