Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Young Prince Goes to the Dog Show

The Young Prince is Born 

Andy's mother, Foxfair Electra, was not a champion, she was not shown as she did not like it. She was sired by an English Import Can. Ch. Rimerton Chinese Cracker, and that made some breeders think she was very mysterious as her sire was known only in Canada. In fact, Mary Beeman and I had traded our bitch puppies to open up our pedigrees and so she stayed with Mary through her first year. At the end of the year we traded back. Electra had beautiful coat, color and markings and head type with a long elegant neck. Mary later said if she had known what a wonderful producer Electra would be she would not have given her back to me!

When it came time for Electra to be bred it was during a specialty in Kansas City. I was talking with my veterinarian and asked him if she could wait until the dogs got back from the specialty. He said no she would be out of season by that time. But then he said, "You know you have a really good dog right here in Ohio." :Where?" I said, looking around the room as if Ch. Veereen of Vorden himself was going to appear and solve my problems. Who? "Jake, Ch. Foxfair Energizer, he is right here in the freezer."

Jake, Ch. Foxfair Geronimo Energizer, was a perfect match for Electra. His semen had been frozen for 13 years at the time Andy was born. Logistically he could not have sired the litter, but with the magic of fozen semen we could breed two dogs that were a good fault offset for each other. Jake had the extra substance that Electra lacked and he was from a long line of dogs that had been successful sires.

So, we did our first frozen breeding and it resulted in six beautiful puppies. Earlier a friend of mine who had had Kees for many years had come by the house and sadly sat in one of our wing chairs. Kay said that she had lost her Kees to old age. At this point Electra came into the room and jumped into Kay's lap. What could I do, they belonged together. Kay went home with Electra and later raised the litter that produced Andy.

When Jeanne and went to to look at the litter at eight weeks old we were very pleased with the puppies and there were several that could have become champions. There was a large dark male with a beautiful head and expression. Was he going to be too big? We didn't know. There was a lighter male with a very pretty face and nice outline. But it was Andy that stood out.

First, his structure front and rear were beautifully balanced. He had a very attractive outline and you constantly were asking - which puppy is that? However, there were two things that really made him stand out. First, was his movement. He didn't really trot, he just glided across the ground. His action was so smooth that if he were a horse he would have won for his rider every egg and spoon class in the county. Second, his temperament even at that young age was eye catching. He was friendly to people and seemed to be the king of his litter.


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