Monday, January 21, 2013

Audrey and Jeanne Agility Video

Ch. Foxfair Audacious and Jeanne Buente Running a Qualifying Agility Run

Here is a video of Audrey powering through an agility course over the jumps. I love watching this as you can tell when she really turns on the speed. She loves agility and you can really tell in this video. Audrey is sired by Am. Can. Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Imp. Jeanne also trained her dam Emma in agility and she is a multiple title holder.

Keeshonden are very good in agility due to their high level of intelligence, quickness and ability to turn, and of course their love of food rewards! One of the first dogs of all breeds to hold the MACH title for several years in row was not a Golden Retriever or a Sheltie or a Border Collie - NO - it was Keeshond, MACH Molly, who held the MAC 17 title on her retirement.

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Jennifer Bates said...

Gee, I'm pretty impressed with Jeanne too :>))