Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lillian and Essex Babies Have Arrived

A Very Proud and Happy Lillian

So, here they are seven wonderful little Keeshond babies, five little boys and two little girls. Well not soo little they were average weights for Kees puppies. 

Lillian like the champ she is delivered the first six babies in a little over two hours. There were five babies in one horn and two in the other. The last one to arrive, number seven, took an additional 

hour. This, of course, was meant to make me worry - no need though. The last baby was delivered in fine shape and after some suctioning perked right up. 

There was some concern about Lillian as a mother, she is a rather pampered and prissy show dog, who likes to do things her own way. Still a determined perfectionist, she took these same traits into the whelping box. She had decided to have the cleanest and best cared for puppies in town. So much so that our system of a little colored nail polish to mark the puppies was useless. She just licked it off, no messy nail polish on her babies! Thank you. 

Babies are now four weeks old and their mother spends less time with them, but is still very attentive about their care. When one of the babies fell between the whelping box and the wall at one week old she woke me up at 3:00 am to rescue him. Another time at 3 weeks one boy managed to climb out of the box. Again, she came to get me putting her front feet on my lap and running back to the pen. The little guy was in the middle of the floor and very insulted about being in the wrong place! The only thing is she is wondering what role Essex has in this affair, since he had his fun he has not been heard from since!

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Jan Horning said...

Are all seven pups spoken for already? I am a soon to be retired teacher who raised a Keeshond in 1960's. In 1963 she had eight pups in the summer. I was 13 and was the mid-wife as both my parents were down with the flu. I am ready to own a dog for the next part of my life and a Keeshond is the best one around! I live in North east Ohio. Jan