Friday, August 29, 2014

Lillian x Essex Puppies at Five Weeks

 Five weeks is a fun age for puppies. They are just starting to eat well. They get a formula of instant rice baby cereal, a small bit of Karo syrup, evaporated milk mixed with warm water! Yummm. The puppies get this 3 times a day, with fresh water, and of course mom. Gradually we add some puppy food to the mix but if you add too much too soon they won't eat it. They are also starting to play with their toys and with each other. A little more coordinated now they can start chasing each other. Ryan plays with them in the evening. He lays down and lets them crawl all over him and nibble on his ears, hands, etc. They are doing great with their paper training and are almost 100 percent.

Next week they can go outside on the deck for a new adventure!

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