Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tikva on 9/11 - Keeshond Therapy Dog

Can never get though this day without tears. Thinking about being in NY, watching the towers go down, and not being able to conceive of the human tragedy. Renting the car to drive home taking a car full of AKC delegates with me. A bright beautiful fall day, no planes in the sky and people going quietly about their day - they knew but hadn't seen what happened. My son on the phone with me wanting to know what he could do. Buy dog food, order pizza for those in the car.. Getting home and working with the veterinarians at the site for days to get them help and equipment, follow up medical care for the dogs.And then one bright day when they said the therapy dogs were there - one of them a Keeshond, Tikva, and Dr. Otto saying, "It is the first time I have seen anyone at the site smile." Of course they would - who else could have done that?

 Later when I was President of KCA, our board approved funds for her to make one last trip to NYC, to be honored as one of the few surviving dogs that worked on the site. She was only two years old when she went with her owner Cindy Ehlers to the site, but she did her job as well as any seasoned dog. She continued her therapy work when she returned home to Washington State. She passed away this year and will be remembered forever by those she touched and honored by the Keeshond community.

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