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Pedigree Notes
SGCH Foxfair Rudy Valentino, HOF, BISS

Am. Ch. Keeshee's Lock Stock'N Barrel, ROM x Am. Ch. Foxfair Valentina
b. May 18, 2009, Bred by Debbie Lynch and Jeanne Buente
Owned by Heather Myers and Debbie Lynch

Litter: Rudy was born into a litter of seven, 5 boys and 2 girls. There were three Champions in this litter including Rudy. At eight weeks six puppies were evaluated as show quality. His male litter mate Can. Ch. Foxfair Hufflepuff, aka Chinook, was sold to Tonya Schmolke of Calgary, CN as her first show dog. She finished him owner handled and briefly specialed him winning both BOB and Group placements. His litter sister Am. Ch. Foxfair Silent Screen Star, “Lillian” was RWB at the KCA National Specialty 75th Anniversary Show, where she joined Rudy who was RWD at the same show, she finished her Championship with 3 majors including a specialty major. She has been bred once to GCH Foxfair Essex. They had a litter of seven puppies five males and two females. They are 15 months old. One has a Canadian Championship and two are major pointed, two are also in agility training.

Sire: Am. Ch. Keeshee Lock Stock'N Barrel, ROMX – In breeding coefficient 7.33%
call name: Keillor, Breeders: Susan and Kristen Cullen, DVM

Sire Line: Rudy's pedigree combines three powerful sire lines. The first through his sire Ch. Keeshee Lock Stock'N Barrel and his paternal grandsire, Can. Am. Ch. Keesbrook's Believe Magic, ROMX. This sire line is currently the most successful producer of All Breed Best in Show in Keeshonden in the world and one of the most successful sire lines in current day Keeshonden. Individuals representing this line include Ch. Skyline Unit of Measure, “Cubit”, an all breed Best in Show dog and winner of the KCA National Specialty. Cubit is currently the number 1 Keeshond in United States, a Keillor son Ch. Daimler Caviar Dreams, is also an all breed Best in Show Dog and Multiple Best in Specialty winner, and currently holds the title for most specialties won by a Keeshond, another Keillor son, Ch. Keemont's Skyline Game Boy, “Ferris”, is a winner of multiple Keeshond specialties both in the United States and England, where he also placed in the Group at Crufts. Ferris, in turn has sired multiple winning Keeshonden including the aforementioned “Cubit” in the United States, Ch. Arctic Kees Best Kept Secret in Ireland, and multiple winners and Champions in United States, England, and Europe.

Keillor is known for his outstanding biddable temperament and ability to get along with other dogs. He generously passes this on to his get. He is a short backed dog with refined type and exceptional reach of neck. Keillor's dam is Can. Am. Ch. Keesheee's Sparks a Flying, CHOF, an outstanding show bitch and producer. A feminine bitch with substance, outline, and a well set on arched neck.
Rudy's second sire line comes in through his dam Ch. Foxfair Valentina, who carries
the outstanding producer Ch. Foxfair Eveready, HOF, ROM, CDX, “Evan” on both sides of her dam's pedigree. Evan is a descendant of both Ch. Foxfair Persuasive Friend, ROMX, HOF, BIS and his brother Ch. Foxfair Special Sparkle. These litter brothers when combined in a pedigree have produced a number of exceptional individuals.

The third sire line represented in this pedigree through Rudy's dam's sire Ch. Trumpet's Mr Bojangles, is that of Ch. Windrift's Summertime Blues, HOF, ROMX. A son of the English Import Am. Ch. Keesland Outlaw, this dog has bred on for both Windrift, Trumpet, and other Keeshonden breeders. He is behind many of the top winners today.

Interestingly, Rudy, also traces to another grand old dog in the pedigrees, that of his co-owner Heather Myers. This is Ch. Brynhaven Final Edition, “Bear”, who was key in the pedigrees of many of the very successful Hall of Fame Cara dogs. It fascinating to see in a pedigree like this how the contributions of many dedicated breeders weave together to produce our current day outstanding dogs.

Dam Line: Ch. Foxfair Valentina, Inbreeding co-efficient 5.00%, is sired by Am. Ch. Trumpet's Mr. Bojangles, “Dylan”. Dylan won Best of Breed at the KCA National Specialty, shown by Wade Koistinen. A lovely correct dog, with a beautiful outline, substance and type. He in turn was sired by Am. Can. Ch. Trumpet's Send in the Clowns, HOF, “Asher”, a very successful sire for Trumpet Keeshonden, who has passed on his substance and type for generations. Most of the current Trumpet dogs trace to “Asher”.

Valentina is a 17” Keeshond bitch with a beautiful outline, length of neck and silver color. She is representative of this bitch line in her beautiful type, color and outline.
Valentina's litter sister Ch. Foxfair Impetuous, NAJ, RAE, was RWB at the KCA National Specialty. Her dam, Ch. Foxfair Zarya was also RWB from the Bred by Exhibitor Class at the KCA National Specialty (there is a pattern here).

Zarya is sired by Am. Can. Ch. Designer Foxfair Debonaire, CD, CGC, “Pete” was the winner of the Canadian National Keeshond Specialty, and the Heritage Trail Specialty. His dam is Ch. Windrift's High Society, ROMX, BIS, BISS, “Snootie.”

Snootie is one of the top winning Keeshond bitches of all time. Owned by Rita Jacobs and shown by Joanne Reed. She was the foundation for Designer Keeshonden. She won the KCA National Futurity, the KCA National Specialty, and an All Breed Best in Show, ROMX, and Hall of Fame. To date no other Keeshond bitch has achieved this record.
Snootie is sired by Ch. Foxfair Persuasive Friend, BIS, BISS, ROMX, “Friendly”. Another “Friendly” daughter is the top producing Keeshond bitch of all time, Ch. Jo-Lynn's Flaming Ember, ROMX, owned by Janit Johnson, her record stands today.

Ch. Foxfair Eveready, HOF, ROM, CDX, “Evan” is the sire of “Pete”. Evan is the son of Friendly's litter brother Ch. Foxfair Special Sparkle, “Sparky” was a multiple Group 1 winner. Evan carried a lovely coat of correct texture and color, he was an excellent mover and was known for his outstanding head type which was used in several Keeshond Illustrations, and videos.

Interestingly both Ch. Foxfair Valentina on Rudy's dam side and Ch. Keeshee Sparks A Flying, CHOF on his sire's side trace to Ch. Vaakers Mary Poppins, ROM, the Foxfair foundation bitch, herself, you guessed it, RWB at the KCA National Specialty. She is behind many current day Keeshonden through her sons Ch. Foxfair Persuasive Friend, ROMX, and Ch. Foxfair Special Sparkle and her daughter, Ch. Foxfair Popover Peaches (5 Champions).

Summary: Rudy's pedigree combines some of the key producing sire and dam lines in North America. Some of these lines, particularly through his great grand sire Ch. Keesland Outlaw, and his dam tracing to Ch. Foxfair Persuasive Friend and Ch. Foxfair Special Sparkle represent the best of the Rhinevale and Keesland breeding from England. These combined with some of the best North American and Canadian breeding have led us to the fortunate outcome of Rudy and his litter mates.

Rudy's has produced one litter from Ch. Nightwind Foxfair Trillium, “April” a daughter of Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur. It was her last litter of three puppies. We retained one puppy for show, the specialty winning Ch. Foxfair Virginia Dare, “Ginny”. The night Ginny was born Joan Dean and Virginia Marsh were at the house visiting from England. Joan and Gina stayed up and helped whelp the litter. Ginny is Gina's namesake. She finished her Championship by winning Best of Opposite over multiple bitch specials at the 2013, Buckeye Keeshond Club Specialty show. A chip off the block really in both attitude and accomplishment!
Rudy recently produced a singleton son with GCH Keenorth All About You Haiti, HOF, BISS, this was from a single breeding following their meeting at Westminster. Their male puppy is 2 weeks old and a repeat breeding is planned. Haiti was the number one Keeshond show bitch in the US for 2013, she is breeder owner handled by Elizabeth Fortino.

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